Saturday, March 7, 2015

2014 Races and a Missed Goal

I had planned my 2014 race schedule with a goal of 1,000 race miles.

I got to October 2014, and decided that the goal could not be achieved.

What happened?   On the plus side, I was not stopped by an illness or an injury. 

I moved.  Selling a house and moving definitely throws off a race schedule. 

I also ran out of time.  Races were canceled due to weather.  Race dates changed, and there were multiple times that two events were held on the same day.  In May, there were even two half marathons in Rhode Island on the same day, a whopping 10 miles from each other.

Do I want to try to this goal again?  Yes.  I'm thinking 2016.

Do I regret not hitting it at first?  Yes, but I then I think of all the amazing experiences I had.  I finally got the chance to complete the New York City Marathon.  I did my first 12 hour race in two years.  I repeated the 10 Moons/the Sun level of the Half Fanatics.  My chapter of Medals4Mettle collected and distributed a record number of medals.  I extended my streak of most half marathons in consecutive days to five.   I met amazing people everywhere I went; went to new destinations; and had an amazing time.

I also just finished writing a book I started the first time I did 50+ races in year.  That book is called "Serial Racing: Planning for and Affording a Lifetime of Endurance Events" and it is now available online at and

2015 is a planned rest year for me, and I'm thankful for it.  I'm scoping out what I want to do in 2016, including going to new race destinations.   I'm grateful 2015 was a rest year due to the incredible number of race cancellations in New England because of the bad weather.  This year is focused more on quality than quantity.  I have a good schedule that should give me around 20 half marathons this year, including new events.

See you all out there!

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