The Legal (a.k.a. CYA) Notice

Whether you are  a reader, a "discovered this blog by accident-er", Superman, a couch potato, or the average Joe/Jane fitness person:

Always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.  Do this regardless of the athlete you are now, and especially regardless of what you did in high school 20 years ago.  

I am not your coach, personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutritionist, etc.  I know my own athletic capabilities and you should too before signing up for any endurance events.  

If I encourage you to get off the couch, awesome.  Train properly before jumping into any events. 

Know you have to sign a waiver for any endurance event you sign up for, and the race/event organizers are generally not responsible for any injuries or deaths.  

I am not responsible for any personal or property injury or loss caused by participating in any events or activities.   People who meet and train with other people on their own do so at their own risk.